I have to pay the bills to be able to pursue what I like, so I work. Preferably I like to work at a place where I actually like working. This is taken from my LinkedIn profile, it’s there too. But it can’ t hurt to post it here as well.

Imagine, for a moment, that you could create your own job with ideal conditions for you to work in. What would it be? This question I get asked sometimes during job interviews. My answer is usually the same, but I thought it would be worthwhile to share this and expound on it a bit. This way I could also elaborate on why this would be ideal for me, and hopefully, some enterprising person has this exact job for me (unlikely, but I like to be surprised).

I will start with soundbite-like sentences and I will elaborate on these. First, a little background on myself and how I like to work. First of all, I am a creative and curious person, and this has been the greatest contributing factor in myself being quite a generalist when it comes to skills. When someone asks me if I know anything about a certain thing (be it operating systems, technology, products, protocol, APIs, frameworks or what have you) I haven’t encountered before, I usually respond with “not yet”. If it tickles a certain fancy, I will dive into it in my free time. This also makes my work seem chaotic, but there is a certain method to my madness. When I have to come from an unknown angle, the work takes longer, but I will learn a lot in the process. This enriches my tool chest of tricks I can later employ. Needless to say, I have built up quite a war chest of knowledge that way in my career.

So, what would my ideal work environment look like? Well, the job itself would be a combination of system administration, engineering, slacking and playing with new technology (preferably open source). Inspiration was gleaned from the things I liked when I worked at several companies. More after the jump.

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I started vaping 2 months ago. This coincided with me quitting smoking. I made do with a Lavatube 2 Mouth to Lung device for a while. When I knew I was serious, I got myself a serious device. I explain here:


So. nowadays I wire my own custom coils and stuff. I twist kanthal and nickel wire with drills, and I fiddle with screwdrivers and cotton to get something like so:



Then I drown it in a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavouring, and set a current to it. I inhale the vapors that emanate from the heated coil.

At least it won’t give me or anyone around me cancer. It’s quite enjoyable.


So, I decided to make an effort to dump OpenSSL and replace it with LibreSSL. This has been mostly succesful (there are a few holdouts, but they are non-critical and they are not internet-facing, so no worries). But man, if you see how many places OpenSSL has stuck it’s grubby paws into, you would be shocked. It’s really a lot. Most of it software that has been around for a while. Also lots of stuff that many people trust. And I have seen interesting breakages from some apps that fall back to EGD for grabbing seeds. Yes, I am not kidding. This is one area where OpenSSL is extremely broken (random numbers). See

As far as all the server daemons that I use, they are all OpenSSL-free now. I am happy. I would even say that everything performs a bit snappier now, but I think that’s confirmation bias and maybe the fact that everything got a restart.

Fresh start

Hey everyone,

Yeah, I have owned this domain for ages. Might as well add new life to it again. This time I will update it more often. Honest. 🙂

Oh, for the people feeling the urge to comment, do it in English. Comment in any other language, and your comment will be deleted. You have been warned.


Voor de Nederlanders: Commentaar in het Engels. Nederlands commentaar word subiet gewist. Niet iedereen die dit leest verstaat Nederlands.


Hopefully the above line will be the only Dutch on this site.