The guitar. Wonderful instrument, but also a potential source of problems when you push yourself too hard. I just came out of a bout of tendonitis, as I overloaded the tendon in my fretting hand, and most notably the tendon that connects my thumb to the rest of my body. This is called ‘De Cuervain’s Tendinosis’, and it can happen when you grip incorrectly. I usually warm up before I start practice. I stretch and massage my fingers so they are nice and limber and flexible. I paid attention to my stretching and warming up routine, and discovered I often overlook my thumb, even though you use that thing very intensively every time you grab a chord. With thrash and death metal I haven’t needed to grab overly complicated chordings, now that I am messing with black metal, more traditional chording is way more prevalent. Add a guitar with heavier gauge strings, and you end up with an overworked thumb, in the fretting hand.

Lesson learned? Stretch all your fingers, also your thumbs. It’s so important.

Goodbye, Nergal

Nergal was the VPS (a virtual server, for the laypeople) which used to serve this website (amongst other things). After many years of faithful service, I had to decommission it because it was draining a bit too much of my funds. So, after some furious back upping and transferring of services and data, I just turned it off and sent it to Valhalla.

So, Ave Nergal. It was fun.

Get me out of here.

I’m kinda fed up. Fed up with the current government. Fed up with the apathy and simple boneheadedness of people. Fed up with the social justice idiots. Fed up with wage slaving. Fed up with the Netherlands. Fed up with Europe.

I’m pretty much done with everything and I would much rather like to go somewhere else and do something else. Sure, my infinite patience will provide me with the means to carry on, but in my heart of hearts I would rather just leave and go somewhere far, far away, and pretty much watch the world burn from there without my participation. I would rather just go to the outer rim of the world and dive into my music.

I hear Iceland is nice.

So, will I just pack up and leave? No. Can’t. Responsibilities and all that. But when I get an opportunity and I can tie everything off here, I am gone. I’m fed up.

Droplets, droplets, everywhere

Seems I need to reboot some things again. So I am now moving my websites to Digital Ocean. Right now, this website is running on Ubuntu, PHP-hhvm, and MariaDB. And everything is managed
by SaltStack. It’s a nice low-maintenance setup this way.

I might retire the VPS I have at TransIP. It’s becoming a bit of an expense that I can avoid. DigitalOcean seems to scale a lot better for me, and less of a headache to maintain with Salt.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

Oh, if you want to help me out, check out Digital Ocean, and try it out with my referral link. If you use it, you get $10 for free, and I get a drop in my bucket: DigitalOcean