I got even more head!

The lovely people at Bax Shop (great store if you’re in the Netherlands), where besides Thomann I buy most of my gear, finally sent me my Bugera back. Even though the Blackstar is no slouch (as witnessed by my latest release):

The Bugera just rips it’s head (haha, pun) clean off in raw power. It’s supposed to, it has 20 watts more and it’s a tube amp, while the Blackstar is a solid state one (and a very nice one at that). So I have a mallot for the brutal stuff, and a ball peen hammer for the finesse.

I like it.

Studio reorganization

Well, it’s spring, and with spring comes the spring cleaning. Or so I’m told. Anyway, because my loud-as-fuck amp is in the shop for repairs (busted fuse, I think. Anyway, a warranty case), and subsequently am not using it, it gave me an opportunity to untangle the cable junction behind my 4×12 cab. I also rotated my desk setup 90 degrees. The result is quite a lot more room made free, and better audio coverage for my monitors. Also, my lovely wife now has access to the window, something she has been asking for ever since I set up shop in the side room. I also have easier access to my guitars now, and it will also provide a nice backdrop for when I ever decide to shoot videos for YouTube again. I’ve been meaning to do that again, but inspiration for stuff to yak about has been lacking.

Speaking of which, I do have some ideas for content. I could tell you guys about my composing process, or maybe an updated studio tour, or show some techniques I use that I haven’t seen anywhere else, or just do playthroughs of things I’m working on (maybe RÁN related). Let me know what you’d like to see. There’s comment boxes underneath my posts here that are severly underused. Have at it.


And then something cool comes your way. I can’t get into details yet, but it means I will have to pump my free time into my music, or more specifically, the music of RÁN. I have until the end of February to finish all the songs from the upcoming Rock to Hell CD in a scratch state, since we now have a reason to crunch and get that album out as soon as possible.

It also means I can dip my toe into mastering. Exciting stuff!

New weapon

Sometimes I get a break. This time, I used that break to acquire a new axe for my arsenal of stringed noisemakers. This particular model is the Parallaxe Solar V 7, a signature model from Ola Englund of Feared, Six feet under and The Haunted. It is a very nice 7 string guitar, with a nice ebony fretboard and very nice Seymour Duncan pickups.

Now I have to decide which guitar I bring with me when I visit Nekron from RÁN in Iceland this Yuletide.

Also, I think I need some mediums on this one, even .10 seems too flimsy for me. The lows sound a bit flabby to me.

Patreon and distrokid!

In the previous post, I outlined some ideas for creating some revenue with my music. I have done two of those things I mentioned, and I would have to look into the others. First of all, I hooked up with Distrokid and I am releasing content through there. My single “Hymn of Belial” has been released there and is now available on Google Play, Spotify, iTunes and many other places. More releases will come as I sort out the artwork for those tracks.

Secondly, I have set up a Patreon where people can encourage me by monetary means. I’m not keeping my hopes up with it though, even though I am constantly telling people about it. It remains to be seen if that will get any legs. It would be nice if it did though.

I also have plans for BMPS. I want to subsection the Society under the Ninth Circle Alliance banner as a separate project. It kinda always was in a way though.

So, wanna help me out? Listen to, or buy my music, or better yet, become a patreon.

Turning a hobby into a paycheck? 

I have been thinking. I can write music. I got some music production chops. I also have quite a bit of nice gear to record with. When I ask for feedback about my music, I usually get positive comments about my production quality (many people are actually surprised it comes from a so-called ‘bedroom’ studio). Now that got me thinking. Why don’t I generate some extra revenue with it?

I got some ideas to generate some income from this (warning, incoherent stream of thought ahead):

Set up a monetized YouTube channel.

This might sound simple, but it actually isn’t. Besides coming up with content to post (music? blogs?), there is also time lost in editing and processing video. And what the hell do I talk about? I’ll probably won’t do tutorials because has been done to death by everyone else. I could do some sort of diary thing and point to sources that I’m using. I could review the gear I already have.

Finish and release unfinished music.

I’m currently sitting on a venerable mountain top of musical ideas. I record myself a lot. I should just get off my ass and finish some songs and release them through sites like Distrokid. Also, I’m playing with the idea of making BMPS a subproject of the Ninth Circle Alliance and releasing the BMPS material under that banner. Also, I’d have to monetize the songs too.

I like what Ola Englund does with Feared. When you buy music by Feared, you also get the raw DI tracks, impulse responses, VST presets, and all sorts of other goodies. This might be a nice idea for hooking into something like Patreon.

Stop providing services for free.

I’m a generous guy. When someone needs some web space in a pinch or needs a domain registered, I usually offer those services for free, but that is bleeding me money. Maybe I should stop doing that.

Look into Patreon

Patreon is an interesting model. Basically, you can have people donate to you for what you release whenever, whatever  and however they like. When they do, they can get some extras. I would have to figure out what would be worthwhile.

I have no illusion that this probably won’t replace my actual work (even though it would be nice if it would). But I’d like to be rewarded for my efforts.