Wow, has it really been more than four months since I last lit a cigarette? Yes, I replaced the habit with another habit, but with one that is undoubtedly less damaging to myself and my surroundings. I have also jumped into the fray of advocacy. Yes, I am fighting the good fight against Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and corrupt public health organizations that rig studies and massage science to fit their wish (instead of science proving the inverse).

So, why do I still vape? Simple. I become absent-minded as fuck when I don’t use nicotine. It’s a downside of having an attention deficit disorder and being slightly autistic. My wife noticed when I stepped down from 18 mg/ml nic to 6 mg/nic in my e-liquid (the stuff that you actually vape). So, the familiar riff of “just quit” does not fly with me. I could have “just quit” and sent everyone up the wall. This is not conducive to social interaction with other people and my career. So, when I say that vaping is less damaging to myself and my surroundings, I actually mean that on several levels. And no, I won’t take drugs like Ritalin, because I went that route before and I am glad to be off that.

So yes. It seems like this vaping thing is sticking. This is my current setup:

My two mods currently in use. On top of both the Crius RTA from OBS.

And a third mod (electronic device that powers the atomizer and contains the batteries) is underway. Yes, I will post pictures. 🙂