Introduction You might look at the title and be a bit confused. Doom Emacs? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Well, it’s a config for Emacs for martian “vimmers”, as the author claims. Yeah, I’ve got muscle memory for vi-type editors. Looking at Emacs' default keybindings I suddenly get onset carpal tunnel. Doom Emacs is based on Emacs' Evil-Mode, which replaces the crappy editor inside Emacs with something a lot more VIM-like.

Introduction I dislike spending lots of time setting up my desktop. I like to be up and running as fast as possible. I also like Arch linux, because it’s quite barebones and light and relatively cruft-free. Because I like to get up and running fast, I’ve made some tools to speed up this process. Check out Prerequisites A resonably high specced machine. Minimally 8 GB of memory is probably best (some packages like nerd-fonts-complete are really large and stress tmpfs.

Let’s do some IPFS hosting… Introduction As my previous post so joyously stated, my blog is now completely hosted over IPFS. This post will show you how I update my blog, and how I publish it over IPFS. Note that these are still manual steps, and I am looking into how to automate it all so I can just edit, commit and push and have all this done automatically without thinking.

Long time no post! I just wanted to let you go that as of now this website is hosted via IPFS. I’ll do a writeup on what I use to publish and deploy in a bit once I shake out all the bugs. Meanwhile, you can just read as normal, or point your gateway at /ipns/

Imagine that some hair-brained plan of mine fell through and I ended up with a metric assload of money. Most people wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it, but I would. Since I dabble in audio engineering, I would love to make something like that my full time job or profession. And since I am naturally a generous person, I would like others to benefit as well. So, what would I do?

Window manager and desktop environments. If you run a Unix-like desktop, you probably use them. Most people just use what comes with their distribution. They either run Cinnamon, GNOME or maybe even KDE/Plasma. That’s fine. But I am a tinkerer, and I’ll be damned if I won’t tinker. I do like KDE, but it is a big piece of bloat. So is GNOME. So is Cinnamon. Not that they are bad environments to work in, but they aren’t really efficient.

I guess this comes up sometimes when I talk to people online. Especially religious people. But I think it merits a post on my blog, and my blog needs a new post. So this is me killing multiple birds with one stone. So, when religion comes up, I do have to confess I am an Atheist. What makes me a bit different from your typical Atheist is that I am a natural one.

I guess some of you noticed that I don’t post anything on Facebook any more. I guess you noticed right. I’ve deleted the facebook and messenger apps on my phone and removed it from my bookmarks. Note that I never said I deleted my facebook account. Because I didn’t. So, how do I keep in touch? I’ve set up an XMPP server with some transports. I’ve set up transports for Facebook messenger and Google hangouts.

Distracted? Yeah, those are a thing. At least they are to me. Ever since I’ve took an axe to most of the distractions on my phone (also known as notifications), I’ve been a lot more productive, and where I have not been productive, my slacking has become productive. While I’m not distracted by notifications from social media, I’ve been able to tend to projects that I had put off for half a year, if not more.

So, what’s going on? Hey folks, As some of you undoubtedly have noticed, it’s been pretty quiet on my end. I haven’t been active a lot on social media. And I understand some of you might miss be a bit. So, to alleviate the confusion and to bring some peace of mind, I’ll update you about what’s going on with me lately. I’m not dead. I’m also not depressed or in trouble.

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