Welp, I have another project. My good friend Didrik from RÁN recruited me to play in his band. I’m looking forward to it too, since I’ll be crushing stages not before long. I do have to learn a lot of material though. It’s not all super mindblowingly difficult stuff, but still, it is quite a lot of stuff to learn and memorise. Since I am pretty much stage-ready since I have all the gear that I need (head, cabinet, axes, stompboxes, cables, pedalboard, etc), I am looking forward to getting out there again, even though I’ll be pretty much unrecognisable with all the corpsepaint, leather clothing and spikes. But I don’t mind. I might enjoy the obscurity.

So, meet Andrath, the guitar wielding Marquesse of the Deep, my current black metal avatar. Hopefully you will hear that name often.

Anyway, I’ll have to get neck deep into black metal, so hail Satan it is.