Yes, I do put myself out there. I have profiles on networking sites like, LinkedIn and probably some others. Usually, the recruiters and headhunters there behave themselves and don’t pester me that much. They send me messages through LinkedIn or whatever, but lately some of them have become REALLY pushy. Pushy insofar that they somehow found my personal mail address and are now reminding me through my personal mailbox to respond to some job I don’t want.

Let me give you some advice. Don’t do it. My profile states CLEARLY that I am already happy with my current job and that I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANOTHER ONE (unless you have a solid offer). Second, the recruiter in question is not being open about who she is recruiting for. I wrote an entire article about it here (which I might repost here for safe keeping): “Full disclosure or GTFO“. Read that. It’s one of my major pet peeves about the whole recruiting/headhunting thing. If you are recruiting for your client, name your goddamn client. Fuck the secrecy. Transparency for the win.

Oh, am I using foul language? I warned you about that in my profile, too.