Nope, everyone is still bonkers.

So, how goes my little hiatus from social media? Pretty good, I’d say. Lots of peace and quiet, and a lot less idiots to contend with. I of course maintain communication with my closer circles, but every time I look at my timelines, it drives home why I stepped out. Idiocy is still quite rampant. 

The sheep still act like sheep, and there are some that staunchly try to distribute red pills. I’d like to recommend to those people to step aside for a while. Why waste energy on those that don’t want to listen? Give yourself a break. Just look in once in a while to measure the level, and just observe the echo chamber in action. It’s like a regressive zoo. But by all means, don’t interact. Don’t feed the livestock. 

No doubt some of them will leave a comment because this post will appear everywhere (yay social media integration), but if they appear here on my blog, they are entering my lair with my rules. And no, I care little what they think.

I’ll stay away a bit longer. I’m getting tons of stuff done. It’s amazing.

  • isidorus

    Hehe, I understand your move and this post, but why do I see links to 4 or 5 different social media sites? -isidorus

    • Emiel Kollof

      The fact that I don’t care to interact with the idiots on social media anymore doesn’t mean I should disable sharing to them. I’m just not going to interact. I haven’t uninstalled clients or disabled accounts. I will still respond to private messages. I’m just done arguing with regressive idiots.

      They can come here, but here they are on my playground.