The Dutch elections of 2017 came and went, and we’re stuck with 4 more years of a VVD coalition. While Groenlinks won big (relatively seen), and all the pro-euro trash is patting themselves for stopping the “wrong kind” of populism (what an abject terminology), they are dismissing that PVV and also DENK won seats in parliament. The media likes to gloss over this and ignore it, but they shouldn’t. As Wilders influenced the campaign, while he’s in the opposition, he can still steer the discussion. Now with even more people.

Don’t forget PVV is now the second largest party in the Dutch government. I think it’s a signal that the established elite should take heed. Ignore Wilders, and face the wrath of the voter in 4 years.

Formation is going to be challenging. The media tries to suggest that GL should be in the coalition with VVD, CDA and D66, but I doubt that such a thing is realistically going to happen. GL would have to compromise a LOT and break a lot of campaign promises to be acceptable for the VVD as a ruling partner. This would disappoint so many new voters (which might go for PVV or other non-establishment parties), or who will just not vote at all (which would be a shame).

The next 4 years are going to be interesting, especially given how everyone is deluding themselves.

Take care out there,