It seems general stupidity has moved into a lower DEFCON level again, so I’m tapping out for a bit. So, you won’t see any posts from me again for a while. You can have your little bubble, while I lurk on and watch the shit flinging from afar. If you do value my input from time to time, I’ll be listening on Messenger, e-mail, this here weblog, Minds, Gab, Twitter, Bitchute, etc. Feel free to look me up there, and while you’re at it, create an account for yourself in those places as well. They are going to be a safe haven for your opinion when Faceberg decides to clamp down on wrongthink.

I don’t mind people acting like asses, that’s the entire backbone of the Internet. But I won’t contend with people claiming moral high ground while being racist, sexist and discriminatory. I just won’t stand for it. And yes, you can be racist toward fair-skinned people, you can be sexist towards men, and yes, you can be discriminatory towards people that are heterosexual and identify with the gender/sex they were born with. Just like any derogatory treatment of anyone based on personality, sexual preference, or physical attributes, I will distance myself from that.

That’s all. See you guys around.