Introduction I dislike spending lots of time setting up my desktop. I like to be up and running as fast as possible. I also like Arch linux, because it’s quite barebones and light and relatively cruft-free. Because I like to get up and running fast, I’ve made some tools to speed up this process. Check out Prerequisites A resonably high specced machine. Minimally 8 GB of memory is probably best (some packages like nerd-fonts-complete are really large and stress tmpfs.

Let’s do some IPFS hosting… Introduction As my previous post so joyously stated, my blog is now completely hosted over IPFS. This post will show you how I update my blog, and how I publish it over IPFS. Note that these are still manual steps, and I am looking into how to automate it all so I can just edit, commit and push and have all this done automatically without thinking.

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