This just might be a sign that I’m getting old, because I just fail to understand this.

The picture in the header does speak a thousand words. This is what I see when I go see a show of a larger known band. A sea of phones, recording the performance from a thousand angles. All of them with crappy lenses, and crappy microphones, all of them recording a subpar version of whatever is happening on stage. Why? Why look at the performance through a crappy lens and a crappy screen? The actual resolution of your eyes is a lot higher. Hell, you could even make eye-contact with the performer! How about that! That famous person might just remember you because you weren’t a soulless mobile-phone being held up aloft.

I also wonder where al these recordings end up (and if anyone is actually deluded enough to watch and enjoy them). I’ll just mark it up to entropy being uploaded to youtube. Because the universe certainly needs more of that. sigh.