You have no doubt seen them. Those silly memes that imply that vapers are all gay, are all flat capped hipsters that blow huge clouds. In the beginning I thought they were funny. Hell, some where even original. But now I see the same ones reappearing every time. Yeah, I get it, you don’t understand enough about vaping to see what benefits there are to doing it instead of smoking, and it can look ridiculous, so I understand the potential for ridicule. Oh, and think up some new ones. The vape=gay ones are getting stale.

I was the same, you know. I saw that vaping thing as something very silly (and I seriously thought that it would never help anyone quit smoking), until I tried it. After a whole evening of just using a vape instead of lighting one up, I realised the point of it and switched instantly. I was done with tobacco. Hell, I wasn’t even trying to quit. I just thought it was a better experience than smoking and decided to keep doing it. At the same time, I didn’t feel the need to light one up because vaping was fitting the bill nicely.

I do have to admit, I never smoked for the sake of smoking. As someone with an attention deficit, I use the nicotine as a big filter for all of the noise out there. Because patches and other oral nicotine products are too slow on the uptake, they were never an adequate method of getting nicotine into my system. A fag was the quickest way to get my nic. As far as I knew, it was the only way to use nicotine in a satisfying way. That is, until I discovered vaping.

And you know what? I will gladly look like a pillock instead of getting COPD or cancer. Take that for what you will.