Very short answer? Yes, but I don’t want to.

Long answer? Yes, I could. But why would I want to? I enjoy the flavours, the vapour, the hardware, the coil building, the community, helping people off of tobacco, etcetera. Vaping turned compulsive nicotine consumption into a recreational one. Note the difference.

Vaping is like having a coffee, eating a cupcake, drinking a beer, having a soda.

I want alcohol in my beer. I want caffeine in my coffee, I want sugar in my cupcakes and my sodas. I just want to enjoy myself with my little vices, so I want nicotine in my vapes.

It’s all the same thing. Recreation. Indulging every once in a while. I (and anyone else) should be allowed to enjoy him or herself. Especially when the harm to your surroundings is minimal. Yes, I stopped smoking already. Vaping is not the same thing. Leave me the hell alone. I’m not policing what you like to use to enjoy yourself.