I have a peculiar problem. As some of you know, I sometimes make all types of noise on instruments like guitar, bass, drums and I’ve been known to shout into a microphone every once in a while. When it comes to stuff to play on instruments, I haven’t had a shortage of stuff to play. Riffs and ideas just well up out of nowhere, and I end up with little gems like these:

Does anything strike you about that track? No? Well, it has no lyrics. Since the longest time I have had plenty of ideas for music, but I’m stuck with lyric writing. I have gotten by with reappropriating lyrics from other sources (like Icelandic folk tunes, like this one), but of course even though I could fill albums with instrumental crap, some songs or ideas just need a vocal track. Instrumentals alone can only tell so much of a story.

Also, on the band front everything just seems stagnant and I am not happy about it. I miss the stage something fierce. I would like to stand on that thing again to entertain people. It seems that I would have to make some pretty hard choices if I’m ever going to be on a stage again.

What makes it a peculiar state of mind is that even though melodies, harmonies, rhythm sections, musical phrasing, etc all flow like water, except for lyrical content. It’s infuriating.

Someone get me a new muse. This one is a sadist.