Well, I guess we’re here. Peak stupid. Hyperbole and identity politics from the left, and kneejerking from the right. I’m sick and tired having to defend Milo, Trump, a cadre of other people, not because I like those people (I’m pretty much indifferent to them), but because I don’t like misinformation and identity politics. But I also don’t like fighting windmills, even if they are spinning out of control. So I’m tapping out of social media for a bit. I’m not deinstalling or deleting accounts, just don’t expect me to interact. I’ll just be disabling notifications and peek in every once in a while to gauge the retardedness-levels. I’ll keep messenger running for people that actually want to talk to me.

In the meantime, I have more worthwhile pursuits. I have an album to record, music and code to write, series to catch up and games to finish that have been collecting dust in my Steam library. Way more fulfilling than arguing against mouthpieces that swallow everything the media likes to dish out and repeat it dutifully. You can have your echo chamber, I’m not playing along.

Because I’m posting this on my blog, it will appear on facebook, twitter, and G+. That’s fine. I might post more blogs, let people that are interested know what’s going on.