I was on my way to work, and I noticed an interesting ad on a billboard that was using the same flawed rhetoric as the remainers did for brexit, but this time it was aimed at the remain side of a nexit (what people call the intention of the Netherlands to leave the EU). I regrettably didn’t snap a picture of it since I was in a hurry to catch the subway. This raised a few questions.

  • Who funds these things? I’m willing to bet it’s somehow linked to Soros, but still, one wonders.
  • Why are these things popping up? Is the ‘threat’ of eurosceptical political parties coming to power so likely that the ‘remain’ side is already spouting their doom and gloom?

I personally would welcome it if the Netherlands would leave the EU, but it will probably be a lot harder for us because our economy has EU parasitic tentacles bored into it deep, even so deep we share a flawed monetary unit with 27 other countries. Decoupling that would be a pain, but I would posit that it would probably be worth it, even though it would suck for a few years. People like to prophesize doom and gloom, that the sky will fall if we break away from this abusive relationship. It’s like an advanced case of Stockholm-syndrome.

I’m putting to anyone out there that it won’t be that bad, in the long run. We still have the largest port in Europe (Rotterdam). The Rhine and the Meuse estuaries are in the Netherlands. Those are important rivers, and important bargaining chips. The nexit remainers say that export will be dead if we leave. The fact that we pretty much own those rivers says otherwise.. We would get our ability to negotiate treaties back, and the law would be back in the Dutch courts. Even more importantly, we can vote for our leaders, instead of having some unaccountable and unelectable elites rule us from their ivory towers.

But now I’m just veering off topic. Yes, I would in favor of a nexit. Some of you won’t agree. That’s your right. It’s also my right to ignore you, and your prophesies of doom and gloom.

Allright, back to whatever I was doing. Just had to dump these thoughs somewhere.

PS: The vacation away from social media is going well. I’m already way more productive without all the pointless arguing with idealogs. I can recommend the same to all people that are tired of debating people that refuse to listen.