I guess some of you noticed that I don’t post anything on Facebook any more. I guess you noticed right. I’ve deleted the facebook and messenger apps on my phone and removed it from my bookmarks. Note that I never said I deleted my facebook account. Because I didn’t.

So, how do I keep in touch? I’ve set up an XMPP server with some transports. I’ve set up transports for Facebook messenger and Google hangouts. Of course I also do raw Jabber (which I kinda prefer, because of OMEMO (encryption) for privacy). I can be reached at coolvibe (at) hackerheaven.org with any jabber client.

I also set up a Mastodon instance. Follow me on @andrath@social.hackerheaven.org. You can get involved with Mastodon at mastodon.social. I sometimes peek on twitter, although don’t expect much interaction there.

And of course there’s this website. This thing does have comments enabled, which I will read, and perhaps (most likely) reply to.

So, drop me a line if you want to know what I’m up to. :)