Yeah, those are a thing. At least they are to me. Ever since I’ve took an axe to most of the distractions on my phone (also known as notifications), I’ve been a lot more productive, and where I have not been productive, my slacking has become productive. While I’m not distracted by notifications from social media, I’ve been able to tend to projects that I had put off for half a year, if not more. Getting this done pretty much cut my hosting costs in half.

Okay, the above might be a bit geeky, but bear with me.

Some of you know I have a attention deficit. Well, know you all know, but I don’t see that as a weakness. But distractions are a thing. They derail me. So lately while I was leaving Facebook for what it is (a time sink), I’ve also taken the axe to more notifications. I’ve pretty much disabled all notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. Except for the things I need for work (mail, skype, whatsapp), and those I schedule to turn off outside of office hours. I only see new messages when I actively open the app and look.

It’s made a world of difference, actually.

I’m still settling into the distraction-free pace, and I’m also writing music again. Once I build up some strength with guitar (I still have that injury that I’m recovering from), I can get back to finishing the RAN backlog.

So, want to become more productive? Be less distracted.