So, what’s going on?

Hey folks,

As some of you undoubtedly have noticed, it’s been pretty quiet on my end. I haven’t been active a lot on social media. And I understand some of you might miss be a bit. So, to alleviate the confusion and to bring some peace of mind, I’ll update you about what’s going on with me lately.

I’m not dead. I’m also not depressed or in trouble. Far from it. I’ve been busy with life, work and music most of the time. Ever since I’ve stopped interacting with Facebook, I’ve regained some of my sanity. I’ve been missing interacting with some of you (which is an actual loss), and I hope some of you will venture to stay in touch with me outside of Facebook. I’m reachable via the ever-ancient e-mail (try ‘me’ at this domain), and I sometimes still shitpost on Twitter. I also have accounts on several alt-tech sites (Minds, Steemit, et al), and I sometimes post on there as well. Look for either Andrath or Coolvibe and you should find me. (there is also the possibility to comment below this post). Say hello!

RÁN is going well too. I’m steadily working on two albums (eventhough I had a bit of a setback due to a small injury involving my fretting hand, but that’s recovering and going well). I’m also doing stuff for the Ninth Circle Alliance again, which lately got a totally new website. Expect a new release from the NCA soon, as I’m working on something epic.

So, I hope this updated you all a little. I’ll now go back to my life. See you around.