I was on my way to work, and I noticed an interesting ad on a billboard that was using the same flawed rhetoric as the remainers did for brexit, but this time it was aimed at the remain side of a nexit (what people call the intention of the Netherlands to leave the EU). I regrettably didn’t snap a picture of it since I was in a hurry to catch the subway.

Well, I guess we’re here. Peak stupid. Hyperbole and identity politics from the left, and kneejerking from the right. I’m sick and tired having to defend Milo, Trump, a cadre of other people, not because I like those people (I’m pretty much indifferent to them), but because I don’t like misinformation and identity politics. But I also don’t like fighting windmills, even if they are spinning out of control. So I’m tapping out of social media for a bit.

Yes, I do put myself out there. I have profiles on networking sites like branded.me, LinkedIn and probably some others. Usually, the recruiters and headhunters there behave themselves and don’t pester me that much. They send me messages through LinkedIn or whatever, but lately some of them have become REALLY pushy. Pushy insofar that they somehow found my personal mail address and are now reminding me through my personal mailbox to respond to some job I don’t want.

Hey everyone, Yeah, I have owned this domain for ages. Might as well add new life to it again. This time I will update it more often. Honest. 🙂 Oh, for the people feeling the urge to comment, do it in English. Comment in any other language, and your comment will be deleted. You have been warned.  Voor de Nederlanders: Commentaar in het Engels. Nederlands commentaar word subiet gewist. Niet iedereen die dit leest verstaat Nederlands.

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