Very short answer? Yes, but I don’t want to. Long answer? Yes, I could. But why would I want to? I enjoy the flavours, the vapour, the hardware, the coil building, the community, helping people off of tobacco, etcetera. Vaping turned compulsive nicotine consumption into a recreational one. Note the difference. Vaping is like having a coffee, eating a cupcake, drinking a beer, having a soda. I want alcohol in my beer.


You have no doubt seen them. Those silly memes that imply that vapers are all gay, are all flat capped hipsters that blow huge clouds. In the beginning I thought they were funny. Hell, some where even original. But now I see the same ones reappearing every time. Yeah, I get it, you don’t understand enough about vaping to see what benefits there are to doing it instead of smoking, and it can look ridiculous, so I understand the potential for ridicule.

Yes, I get it. You vape, and you are livid about public health spokesholes misrepresenting the facts. I know vaping has the potential of eradicating smoking tobacco. I enjoy my mods. atomizers, DIY coil building and all the flavorful juices out there. I’m just like you. I kicked a nasty habit, and I want to tell the world that big tobacco is evil and that most public health organizations are either BT (big tobacco) shills or on the Big Pharma payroll.

Wow, has it really been more than four months since I last lit a cigarette? Yes, I replaced the habit with another habit, but with one that is undoubtedly less damaging to myselfand my surroundings. I have also jumped into the fray of advocacy. Yes, I am fighting the good fight against Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and corrupt public health organizations that rig studies and massage science to fit their wish (instead of science proving the inverse).

Emiel Kollof

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